Astera introduces the newest addition to the platform, Astera Data Services - a complete API lifecycle management solution. Learn More

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Key Features

With Astera API Management, you can:

  • Use the design-first approach to develop APIs in a drag-and-drop UI and test APIs in design time to reduce the feedback time.
  • Connect your APIs with 50+ data sources through built-in connectors and clean, validate, and integrate all the ingested data.
  • Secure your APIs by applying authentication and authorization protocols.
  • Deploy APIs on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid and publish them in just a few clicks.
  • Manage all the published APIs in a unified wizard and enable/disable their access according to business specifications.
  • Empower developers to consume and reuse published APIs via Open API specification.
  • Monitor the published APIs to ensure their optimal performance in the long run.

Request a personalized demo to see for yourself how Astera API Management can help you simplify API development, management, and publishing.

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