“Astera has a heart for working with nonprofits…” This is a testimonial from the General Council on Finance and Administration for The United Methodist Church, a non-profit customer who is using Centerprise Data Integrator to migrate and manage its legacy data from 59 separate annual church conferences.

Discussions regarding the importance of high quality data integration tools typically revolve around the complex data issues encountered by business enterprises. Astera is finding, however, that many different groups need good data integration tools, and one of the most important is nonprofit organizations. Today we are introducing Astera for Nonprofits, a program specially developed to meet the complex data needs of nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations at discount prices they can afford.

Today’s typical nonprofit has grown from a small, easily managed group into a larger, more diverse organization using a variety of piecemeal information management systems for collecting and storing data ranging from member/client/donor contacts to program tracking. It is becoming clear to many nonprofits that modern technology is as important to them as to large, for-profit companies. A nonprofit’s greatest asset is its human resources, many of whom are volunteers. Strict budgets and limited human resources put nonprofits in a unique position when it comes to integrating and managing data—they need a modern, powerful, yet user-friendly tool that can integrate their legacy systems, enable users other than expensive developers to run it, and free up human resources for other more important tasks.

Astera data integration tools are tailor made for nonprofits with complex data issues that must be integrated and managed efficiently and economically on small budgets with even smaller IT staffs. Key features in Astera software that benefit nonprofits are:

  • Sophisticated, robust engine and technical capabilities
  • .NET code that provides a reliable, scalable, and secure platform
  • Familiar Microsoft drag-and-drop, code-free interface that can be used by non-developers
  • Straightforward, affordable pricing
  • Special discounts for nonprofits

Some recent Astera nonprofit customers include the Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union, the United Methodist Church, Focus on the Family, Presbyterian Homes and Services, and Faith Comes By Hearing. You can find out more about these organizations and how Centerprise is helping them on our Customer Success Stories page.

Astera is proud to be the data integration software tool of choice for nonprofits and to offer Astera for Nonprofits with special discounts on pricing. If you are a nonprofit looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use tool that can solve the breadth of your complex data integration and management needs at a price you can afford, we’re here to help! Visit our Astera for Nonprofits web portal for more information and fill out the contact form or email [email protected] directly to find out about special pricing and customized solutions to meet your organization’s unique data needs.

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