Develop and deploy your cloud data warehouse in just a few days with Astera DW Builder

Westlake Village, CA – Astera Software recently launched its new data warehouse automation tool, Astera DW Builder, in a live virtual event. Designed to accelerate the data warehousing process, the tool can help organizations design and deploy both on-premises and cloud data warehouses in just a few days.

Virtual Launch Event Overview

Today’s fast-evolving markets and customer demands have stimulated the need for an agile data analytics framework. To achieve this agility, IT teams must develop a highly responsive data warehouse that can promptly supply trusted data to meet business users’ reporting needs.

Understanding that a modern data warehouse automation tool is the need of the hour, Astera Software stepped forward to present a solution that promotes scalability and agility while strengthening the data analytics architecture of organizations.

Astera DW Builder was officially launched on May 19th, 2021 in a live event titled Unveiling a New Dimension of Agile Data Warehousing. The event featured keynote sessions by the father of data warehousing, Bill Inmon, and the #1 influencer in the data warehousing space, William McKnight, who shared their insights about how the data warehousing industry has evolved and why modern organizations need to embrace agility by adopting new data warehousing technologies.

Astera’s CEO, Ibrahim Surani, and VP Product Management, Mike A. O. Quinn also shared the vision behind Astera DW Builder with curious viewers and explained how it has been built on the existing architecture of Astera’s data integration product, Astera Centerprise. Toward the end of the session, Astera Software’s CTO, Jay Mishra, gave a live product demonstration and used Astera DW to create a fully functional data warehouse in less than an hour.

About Astera DW Builder

Following a metadata driven approach, Astera DW Builder has been built to facilitate organizations looking to leverage trusted data to make key business decisions. Astera DW Builder simplifies the entire process from gathering requirements to creating and deploying dimensional models to ensure that organizations are able to leverage their information assets to the fullest.

Speaking about the impetus behind the product, Astera’s CEO, Ibrahim Surani, said:

Organizations in fast-paced business landscapes expect greater agility and responsiveness from their data warehouse to fuel their BI and analytics needs. But building such a data warehouse is generally an extensive project. Even with agile teams, it can take months, if not years, to be fully functional and ready for querying and reporting.”

“As Astera’s focus has always been on simplifying data processes for users, we saw an opportunity here. We created a solution that empowers data teams to develop metadata-driven data warehouses, enabling them to do everything from extracting source to deploying data models and consuming warehouse data for analytics – all through a unified automated platform.”

Using Astera DW Builder’s intuitive, visual interface for data warehouse development also enables business users to integrate data from different touchpoints to analyze patterns, behaviors, and trends to make decisions that will help increase both productivity and sales. The no-code interface can also create SQL statements native to the target platform automatically, enabling single-click deployment to on-premise and cloud databases, saving days and weeks’ worth of coding time.

About Astera Software

Astera Software focuses on providing enterprise-grade solutions for data integration, data extraction, and data warehouse automation that are not only easy to use but also come with all the capabilities and functionalities that modern organizations are looking for. In line with the changing business landscape, automation remains a prominent theme among all of Astera’s data management solutions, enabling businesses to start benefitting without any delays.

Since 2009, Astera’s solutions have been trusted by many government departments and Fortune 500 companies, including USDA, US Dept. of VA, Xerox, HP, Novartis, Raymond James, and more.

For additional information and regular updates, visit the company’s website or Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


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