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Congrats to the Winner of Our Customer Reference Campaign

By |2019-08-23T05:10:09+00:00March 31st, 2015|

We recently ran a campaign to generate updated customer testimonials for our website and a partner portal. The response was amazing and we are fortunate to have such great customers. We want to thank all of our customers who took the time to post a review of Centerprise or ReportMiner on our partner portal and to congratulate Darius Grant of Alcatel Lucent, the winner of our iPad drawing. As a token of appreciation, we sent each customer who posted a review an Amazon gift card. We’ll be running a new campaign for a different partner portal in the near future, so if you missed the fun and the chance to win an iPad this time, keep an eye out in your email for information on the next one.

You can access all of our reviews on our customer testimonial page. We wanted to share some of the best ones here:

Financial Services

Centerprise has been the essential ETL tool for the past 5 years within our data mapping and conversion teams. It has allowed the MIS function to be centered back on the user in a controlled manner without a deep technical aptitude. The interfaces are easy to use and the product remains effective for our data needs with up to date features.

Vish Group

Surprisingly affordable compared to other ETL tools. It is a very easy to use product and easy to learn. Further I am surprised with their product support. I am planning to use Centerprise Data Integrator for my future projects.


Robust Data Management/Transformation tool. Centerprise makes data transformation easy with it’s well equipped toolbox and easy customization.

Software Solutions

Novice User. Within the first two weeks we were able to use Centerprise in four different conversion processes and saved around 10 man hours. That means in 10 days we were able to perform 11 days worth of work. Our biggest problem is that work gets in the way of us exploring even more ways of benefiting from using Centerprise.

The United Methodist Church

We were looking for a product to help us gather data from 50 entities on a variety of platforms, and to provide them with the tools necessary to send the data. Centerprise has enabled us to successfully synchronize the data on an automated scheduled basis. The beauty of Centerprise is its’ flexibility in being able to standardized the data, and handle the entire process from collection, through cleaning and updating, to publishing.

K12 Systems

Centerprise Data Integrator is overall a very useful tool for data integration from legacy systems to the new. Lightweight, easy to use, vast functionality to transform data, logical work flows are re-usable and save time, flexible expressions are very useful to logically transform data, quick support.  Outstanding features and flexibility for many ETL situations. It is easy product to learn and the user interface provides excellent visibility at all stages of the ETL. Overall the product is an great value for the functionality, ease of use and customer support.

VIN Solutions

Great ETL tool, with excellent support. We have been using Centerprise for three years now and it is used throughout our integration department for daily and historical imports and exports. Extremely easy to use. We have handed off import mapping to non-technical people without issues. The product has a variety of useful and important features, and has bee able to handle most everything we have thrown at it. Flexible and extensible. Great support. The team at Astera responds quickly to our questions and is prompt in addressing issues. This has been a great product for simplifying the maze of thousands of different imports we must handle on a daily basis.


ReportMiner is a great concept, easy to use. This is a great tool. The flexibility it offers is amazing, and the customer service whenever I’ve had an issue has been exemplary.


Excellent tool. ReportMiner is a very helpful tool, which makes our jobs much easier. We definitely recommend it!