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Get Your Data Under Control in 5 Steps

Take five steps to tame the data beast and get your data quality and consistency firmly in hand.

Unmanaged data, non-integrated data, and bad data in general actively cost a company a lot of money. Companies can implement these five steps to get their data under control.

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Get Your Data Under Control in 5 Steps

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Whitepaper: Get Your Data Under Control in 5 Steps

Across every industry vertical and without regard for organization size, there is one fact that remains true: the data deluge is upon us. The much-­‐ballyhooed “Big Data” phenomenon that prognosticators have warned about is here. Whether or not you’re a believer in the transformational power of data, it’s hard to ignore the fact that organizations are simply drowning in data.

Bad and unchecked data growth and management create major headaches for an organization and actually limit overall efficiency. In addition, without good data strategies and tools, organizations miss out on what can be incredible results, including new market opportunities that can be unlocked by data itself, business process improvement opportunities that can be enabled by good data, and improved relationships with existing customers. In short, unmanaged data, non-­‐integrated data, and bad data in general actively cost a company a lot of money.

We’re pleased to bring you a new whitepaper written for Astera by IT expert Scott D. Lowe, co-founder of ActualTech Media and senior IT executive for ComputerWorks, Inc. Entitled “Get Your Data Under Control in 5 Steps,” this whitepaper discusses five steps that companies can take to tame the data beast and provide some potential business outcomes that can be enjoyed when data quality and consistency are firmly in hand. The author recommends that organizations invest in the tools necessary to enable adherence to data governance rules and that provide self-documentation so anyone familiar with the data can manipulate it to meet organization needs. He underlines that that these tools need to be easy to use so that users “don’t need a Ph.D. in data to use them.” A critical tool in this effort is Astera Centerprise, the author says, because end users can easily create their own comprehensive data flows and work flows, rebuild business processes, and achieve data integration efforts that once would have required teams of IT people to accomplish.

Want to know how to get your data under control using these five steps? Download your free copy here>>