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Leading the Industry: Astera Data Integration for Business Users

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Suddenly data integration for business users, or do-it-yourself data integration, or self-service data integration—whatever you want to call it—is all the rage.

Informatica dubbed 2014 “the year of cloud-based self-service data integration.” Solutions reported in August that Gartner’s 2014 Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools market overview highlights two trends for 2014—“a growing momentum for cloud-based integration and demand for self-service data integration capabilities for business-user-facing data preparation.”

We’ve been talking to Gartner for several years about our focus on business users and the need for integration tools that don’t require experienced IT users. Astera specializes in data integration solutions that can be used by business professionals to perform many tasks with minimal IT supervision. This moves projects along faster and frees up IT resources for more mission-critical work. It also puts data integration into the hands of the people who know the data and what needs to be done with it.

While others have been jumping on the bandwagon over the past year, we’ve been honing and refining our user-friendly, code-free interface that prominent customers have been enjoying for a long time now.

For instance, a fortune 500 bank uses Centerprise for interactive data cleansing and transformation that the business group executes without day-to-day IT involvement. What once took 20 people to accomplish now takes one person and partner onboarding time has been cut from three to four weeks to less than one week.

At subsidiary VIN Solutions, IT builds the core dataflows in Centerprise and then the business team builds subflows for day-to-day implementation. Two months of custom coding for new client DMS has been cut to one hour.

Vanderbilt University implemented their integration solution using Centerprise. The easy-to-use front end enables business users to develop complex dataflows in hours instead of weeks.

Raymond James Financial Services uses the Centerprise user-friendly, unified environment for business professionals to quickly create the many complex data mappings needed to transform data into standard format for integration.

eBook: Data Integration for Business Users

Find out how you can get IT-quality data integration from a business unit team through our free e-book, which you can download here. We also offer an in-depth Data Integration for Business Users whitepaper.

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