Astera Affirma partnership

Astera Software, a data management solutions provider, has recently partnered with Affirma, a US technology consulting company, to extend data management and business intelligence solutions to clients. The synergy is intended to benefit business users through an all-in-one data solution that will help transform data leadership in a comprehensive manner.

As data management is closely associated with business intelligence, the requirements of data integration, warehousing, and migration will now seamlessly complement the need for data analytics and reporting consulting. Through a consolidated offering, users will have a centralized understanding of their data via a one-stop ETL and BI solution to make corporate decisions and execute strategic initiatives more effectively.

Speaking about the motives behind the strategic partnership, Astera CEO, Ibrahim Surani, stressed:

“Our decision to join hands with Affirma is an extension of our relentless pursuit to help enterprises solve data challenges at every level of their decision-making process. With Astera’s automated data management solutions combined with Affirma’s leadership in BI and SharePoint consulting, we aim to achieve multiple milestones through a long-term, collaborative relationship.”

Affirma CEO, Michael Brown, welcomed the fusion of the two companies:

“We are very excited to announce our partnership with Astera Software to amplify our technology services suite. As a company founded on customer satisfaction, we, at Affirma, fully endorse and share Astera’s vision of offering a complete data solution stack to help business users resolve common data challenges and empower data-driven decision making.”

About Astera Software:

Astera Software is a California-based software company that specializes in end-to-end data management solutions related to data extraction, warehousing, and integration for enterprises. Its commitment to providing superior usability and a rapid ROI has enabled Astera to emerge as among the leading data solution providers in the industry, having catered to established Fortune 500 companies including Hewlett Packard, Novartis, and Nokia. Astera offers a suite of software solutions that offer robust automation and performance with a low learning curve for all end users.

For more information and updates on Astera, please visit the company’s FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn pages.

About Affirma Consulting:

Affirma is a Seattle-based consulting firm founded in 2002. As a response to common project failures in the consulting industry, Affirma was founded on the principle of delivering dependable and reliable solutions that meet client needs and exceed expectations. Affirma’s business intelligence practice provides data-driven insights that improve decision making. Currently, Affirma employs just under 300 people and is continuing to grow. Its more recent award was being named in “CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising IT Infrastructure Solution Providers – 2016” as well as “CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising SharePoint Solution Providers – 2015”.

For more information on Affirma, please follow the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


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