Author: Irfan Ahmedafnan-rehan

How Astera Centerprise Streamlines Connectivity to Amazon Redshift Database

Amazon Redshift is a cloud-based solution that falls under the Amazon Web Services umbrella. The low maintenance requirements, scalability, speed, and efficient compression features make it a popular data storage option for businesses dealing with large amounts of data. To […]

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Connect to Vertica Using Astera Centerprise’s Built-in Connector

Vertica is a scalable analytics platform that can be optimized for both load and query performance. The high availability architecture and parallel-processing SQL query engine make Vertica the preferred database for countless companies looking to scale up. Owing to Vertica’s […]

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What is Data Transformation and How It Optimizes Business Processes

The IDC predicts that by 2020, more data will be stored on the public cloud and enterprise systems than on consumer devices. The data on these platforms can be in heterogeneous formats and structures, which means that businesses will have […]

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