Author: Irfan Ahmedkhurram-haider

Data Migration to Cloud Best Practices for 2022 and Beyond!

While migrating to the cloud can provide businesses with a sustainable competitive advantage, strategy and implementation are where they can make mistakes. Over a $100 billion migration spend waste is expected in three years. This waste is majorly a result […]

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Creating an Effective Cloud Migration Strategy Post-Pandemic

While all businesses operate in an uncertain environment to a certain degree, the level of uncertainty brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic was unprecedented. But despite the seismic shifts taking place in industries across the globe, many organizations quickly noticed […]

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Why Automation Must Lie at the Heart of your Data Warehouse Strategy

There are a few factors that help businesses build a sustainable competitive advantage. Collecting and analyzing up-to-date enterprise data for decision-making is one of them. While there are a number of architectures that support this need, such as data lakes, […]

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