Author: Irfan Ahmedrabia-hatim

Why Data Extraction Automation Is Essential for Business Growth

The modern world relies on data. There’s a huge amount of data that runs through an organization with every process, regardless of the size of the business. From invoices and payroll to customer surveys and call logs, each business area […]

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Why Do You Need an API Integration Platform?

Whether you are working in marketing, finance, or operations, you must have heard a lot about API Integrations in the last couple of years, and how important they are for different organizations. To ensure a smooth flow of information throughout […]

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ETL vs ELT: Choosing the Best Approach for Your Data Needs

The data needs of most organizations have evolved exponentially in the increasingly digital modern world. Businesses these days need to collect, process, and analyze billions of data inputs and events to allow them to make informed and meaningful decisions while […]

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