Author: Irfan Ahmedsaad-hussain

Education Analytics Through Agile Data Warehousing

Over the past decade, the education sector has been flooded with an influx of high volumes of data in varying formats. To mine this data and visualize actionable insights from it, organizations need to consolidate it and leverage education analytics […]

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Data Warehousing Services for SMEs; Unlocking the Power of Data

The 21st century has been characterized by a massive expansion in the volume of data, owing to the increasing digitization in most industries and it has been accompanied by the growing popularity of outsourced data warehousing services.  The complex nature […]

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HR Analytics – The Key to Efficient Talent Hiring and Retention 

Data-driven talent acquisition is the new rave among HR professionals. The modern enterprise relies on data for most of its decision-making – from marketing to financial analytics, all managers make decisions based on facts and reliable data. With this increasing […]

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