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Supercharge Your Cloud Data Warehousing Initiative

Build Your Cloud Data Warehouse on Snowflake, Azure Synapse, Redshift, or Oracle – All Through a Single Platform

Organizations looking to maximize value from their business data are rapidly migrating to the cloud due to its scalability, elasticity, flexibility, and cost-effectivenesss.

With a project as big and complex as a data warehouse, you need to have the right technology stack that can simplify, accelerate, and power your move to the cloud. Whether you want to perform cloud data warehouse modernization or building one from the ground up, you need to lay down a robust development foundation that fast-tracks time-to-value, futureproofs your deployment, and ensures agile analytics.

Astera DW Builder provides a unified, metadata-driven solution that dramatically simplifies and accelerates building and managing your cloud-based enterprise data warehouse. Our cloud data warehousing platform expedites the population phase using streamlined data mapping, so you can get your data from source systems to the cloud in minutes.

Empower Smarter Business Decisions with Trusted Insights

Build a centralized cloud repository that supplies accurate, clean business data to facilitate your team’s reporting and analysis needs.

Accelerate to the Cloud with Codeless Development

Use the zero-code environment to create data models and integration flows on a logical level to significantly speed up time-to-market and your journey for cloud warehouse migration.

Enterprise Data Warehousing at Scale

Break free from the hardware and storage limitations of your legacy implementation and scale at the speed of business with your cloud DW.

Evolve Analytics as Your Business Landscape Changes

Deploy a responsive metadata-driven infrastructure that is flexible enough to rapidly deliver trusted insights as your target market and business conditions change.

Get Your Cloud DW into Production Fast with Astera DW Builder

Deploy or migrate your central repository to industry-leading cloud data warehouse solution providers, such as Snowflake, Azure Synapse Analytics, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Amazon Redshift, and more.

Automatically generate code native to your target data warehouse architecture, allowing you to save hundreds of developer hours from reworking the code.

Get from data-to-insights faster by leveraging the compute power of your cloud solution to speed up query processing through the built-in pushdown ELT mode.

Leverage direct integration with Amazon and Azure cloud to bring data from cloud data lakes and databases into your data warehouse.

Move your business data between on-premise and cloud machines quickly and securely with our dedicated Centerprise Database Agent.

Skip the traditional integration methods and use the built-in OData module to access and visualize your business data in popular visualization tools, like Power BI, QlikView, Domo, Tableau, and others.

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