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Leaders Under 30: Inspiring A Culture of Growth and Innovation

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If you follow our social media, you must have come across snippets of the #LifeAtAstera, where we introduced you to some of our workplace leaders and showed you what keeps them motivated.

Astera’s leadership philosophy is predicated on a willingness to take the initiative in implementing new ideas and technologies. We believe that to stay on top of the emerging technology trends, we need to empower up-and-coming talent with the support they need to come up with new ideas and see them through to implementation.

By promoting a culture of young leadership, Astera rewards innovation and motivates employees at every level to voice their unique ideas.

Meet some of our young leaders in the technical domain:

Humza Khatri

Senior Software Engineer

  • A FAST graduate
  • Table tennis aficionado
  • Electronics hobbyist and tinkerer

Humza joined the company as a fresh graduate, brimming with ideas and passion to explore the data industry. With his diverse set of skills and a go-getter attitude, he contributed to improving our product functionality by adding cloud file system and database providers, authentication infrastructure, REST client, and other essential components.

Humza thrived in Astera’s vibrant and creative working culture, and within 2 years, found himself at the helm of several new projects within the organization. Currently, he is in the process of developing a data publishing feature – REST API Integration with a team of 2 people, which is scheduled to release in the next few months.

At Astera, you get the flexibility to work on your projects autonomously and develop your skillset to propel your career forward. Here, you get access to a vast repository of tools and unparalleled mentorship to innovate and succeed.

Sanober Saleem

QA Lead

  • A SZABIST graduate
  • Passionate about filing bugs
  • A foodie and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan

A BBA degree landed Sanober a job in Astera’s marketing department but the management quickly realized Sanober’s affinity for picking up minor details and think logically, and decided to move her to QA. With her ability to tackle complex product challenges head-on, Sanober went from creating marketing documents to fine-tuning our products within 1 year of working at Astera.

Astera rewarded my sense of curiosity by placing me in a department that not only valued my efforts, but gave me room to grow in the technical domain.

Today, Sanober leads a team of 4, and they work together to deliver high-quality integration products to customers all over the globe. Her job responsibilities also include communicating with clients to solve technical issues, identifying bugs in the product, and testing new features.

Faizan Ali

Pre-sales Lead

  • An MUET graduate
  • A tech geek by heart who loves solving puzzles
  • An ambivert with a goal-oriented mindset

Starting off as a QA specialist, Faizan has worked in different capacities, including product testing, customer support, and product demonstrations, over the course of 2 years at Astera.

During this time, I’ve not only improved my expertise in these areas but also helped others do the same.

Faizan, with his team of 3, is responsible for assisting in the technical aspects of onboarding customers and partners. His unique position falls right in the center of everything, starting from understanding the prospect’s use case and giving them countless demos that solves their problems to providing them support and training and making them expert in the tool.

By communicating prospects’ requirements and concerns to the development team, Faizan helps design innovative solutions that help us grow at a faster pace.

Fiza Baig

Technical Documentation Lead

  • A KU graduate
  • A travel enthusiast who volunteers in her free time
  • An energetic individual with an optimistic outlook on life

Fiza started off at Astera as a technical documentation specialist, where her primary responsibility was to create product documentation to facilitate customers and technical support staff. Soon she found herself creating tutorial and promo videos to help clients navigate through our products. During her course as a writer, she brought new ideas to the table that helped improve our products as well as our documentation platform.

Astera gives you the liberty to align your passion and career aspirations, and grow in a domain of your choice and interest. You’re encouraged to take risks and pursue out-of-the-box ideas with all the resources, mentorship, and assistance you need to grow.

The progression from a writer to a leader came naturally to her within a year of working at Astera. Currently, she manages a team of 4 that’s responsible for creating product documentation, building user communities, developing courseware, and organizing training events. She also works closely with the QA and development teams to study our products to improve their usability. Off-work, you’ll find her planning and promoting events and recreational activities at Astera.

Our development and QA team is growing! If you are up to the challenge of finding new ways to solve data-related problems, send us your CV at