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About Astera Graduate Recruitment Program

At Astera, we’ve managed to build a vibrant, progressive working environment where diversity, and creativity are valued over processes and hierarchies. This commitment to innovation has allowed to us to achieve some amazing milestones over just a few short years and now, we’re looking to foster the next generation of talent that can help us push on to even higher peaks.

Astera’s Graduate Recruitment Program 2021 aims to provide fresh graduates and young professionals with the opportunity to develop competencies, skills, and cross-functional experience that enables them to take up key leadership roles across our organization.

New recruits can expect to benefit right away from a comprehensive employee induction program which covers extensive on-job training on our enterprise-grade software products, general skill development, domain-specific coaching, experiential learning, and challenging projects which allow you to prove your credentials as a rising star within Astera.

Throughout this structured program, you will be provided with the freedom to explore a range of relevant job roles within your discipline. Ultimately, we want to give you all the tools you need to build a career path that matches up to your strengths, interests, and long-term ambitions.

Key Facts on the
Astera Graduate Recruitment Program




Minimum required qualification – Bachelor’s

Degree Required

All academic disciplines are eligible to apply


Localised salary and benefits package

Ways You’ll Learn With Us

The Experience You’ll Get on the
Astera Graduate Recruitment Program

At Astera, we believe in synergy and teamwork. No matter which functional area you choose, the work you do is equally important and impactful!

Choose An Area of Your Interest

Software Development

Software Development

Behind every piece of great software lies an equally great software development team. At Astera, our developers put their knowledge of programming, UX, and engineering to work in order to make our products more intuitive, functional, and attractive. As part of this team, you’ll get a chance to conduct user interviews, research new features and functionalities, and take ownership in the design and development of a product that’s will be used across Fortune 500 companies and industry-leading organizations.



At Astera, we apply forward-thinking marketing strategies to amplify our brand, generate leads, and communicate to clients and prospects across the globe. We rely primarily on digital marketing to achieve these goals. This function consists of 4 key departments – PPC, Organic Marketing, Content, and PR & Corporate Communications.



The Finance Department at Astera takes pride in managing a wide range of activities from basic bookkeeping to providing valuable information that assists in the company’s strategic decision-making process.

Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation

The Technical Documentation Department at Astera is responsible for creating compelling and high-quality documentation, instructional content, user manuals, how-to guides, and other supporting documents around Astera’s suite of products. The team works closely with software development, quality assurance, and customer support teams to analyze and respond to customer queries and provide documentation that meets their needs. Additionally, the Technical Documentation is also responsible for designing training materials, courseware, certification programs, and online and on-premise training events to train our customers, partners, and aspiring data professionals on Astera’s range of products.

Data Integration & Quality Assurance

Data Integration & Quality Assurance

The Data Integration and Quality Assurance (DIQA) department’s primary goal is to help create a quality product. In this team, we look for product evangelists with an in-depth understanding of how our product is used and how it can be made to function better. As a member of QA, you can expect to divide time between hunting out product bugs, supporting design and development of features, and handling customer support queries. If you’re more interested in interacting directly with users, you can take up a pre-sales role where you will develop use cases and conduct product demos for existing and potential customers.

Program Benefits

Experiential Learning

At Astera, we believe in learning and growing together. When you excel as a professional, we grow as a company! We provide you the opportunities to experiment with new ideas, work on innovative projects, and even work in different counter intelligences.

High-Impact Projects

You want to make an impact, and we help you do that by providing the environment, training, resources, and opportunities to help you grow and succeed as a professional.

Product Training

We conduct extensive on-job training programs to help the grad recruits understand our products and contribute to make them even better.

Skill Building

Skill-building workshops are aimed at enhancing the soft skills of our employees to help them excel in their role and grow as true professionals in all aspects.

Fast-Track Career Progression

We provide our employees with opportunities to expand their knowledge, and technical as well as interpersonal skills.

What are We Looking For?

How Can You Succeed at Astera


Create new ideas that add value to our business


Willing to learn continuously


Question actions inconsistent with our values

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