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ReportMiner Personalized Demo

In this expert-led personalized demo session:

  • Learn how a solution relevant to your industry or use case can be built using Astera ReportMiner
  • Find out how Astera ReportMiner automates the extraction processes and makes crucial business data available in a timely manner
  • Get a free consultation as our experts understand your requirements and share the best practices for solution design
  • Get your features and pricing-related questions answered

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Various technology trends, such as cloud-based applications and mobile devices, combined with traditional, forms-intensive business processes have led to an explosion in the volume of unstructured data collected and managed by enterprises. Astera ReportMiner, an enterprise-ready data extraction platform, uses template-based extraction to help businesses extract and use data trapped within emails, PDF forms, spreadsheets, machine logs, and other unstructured data files.

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Astera ReportMiner helps numerous businesses of all sizes around the world enhance their efficiency, save money, and earn more profits with data extraction automation.