Data Warehouse Automation 2019-09-06T11:06:23+00:00

While necessary for reporting purposes in enterprises, the traditional data warehouse is often equated to long, drawn-out implementations and a bevy of consultants and specialized tools for the different phases of the project: planning, design, development, implementation, deployment, maintenance, and change management. Astera Software brings automation to the process with advanced data warehouse automation technologies, making the data warehouse creation and management process agile.

Build an enterprise data warehouse in hours and days instead of months and years

Complexities and delays are considered part of the equation with traditional data warehousing, and so, businesses have come to rely on the ad-hoc querying and specific reporting features that these data warehouses allow despite the glacial pace of creation. The issue lies with the approach, not the system. Data warehouse automation tools modernize the approach, automating all manual tasks involved in the process. The biggest advantage is that there’s no longer any hand-coding involved.

Astera Software offers a complete data warehouse automation solution that encompasses every data management and processing requirement throughout the data warehousing journey. Combining Astera’s focus on usability and efficiency with state-of-the-art capabilities, we’ve built a platform that accelerates data warehousing by automating repetitive tasks. With the feature-rich dimensional modeler, automated handling and loading of dimensions and facts, use of intelligent mapping techniques for process automation, and direct integration with visualization tools, Astera takes operational data all the way to actionable insights in a code-free environment.

The Smarter, Easier Way to Build an Enterprise Data Warehouse