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The Early Product Access Program is a continuous program that provides users a chance to test-drive pre-release products and take an early look at the upcoming features and functionalities. As a member of the program, users get access to full-featured versions of forthcoming products, test the software in their own environment, and influence the product development process by providing feedback and reporting bugs.

Why Participate in the Program?

The Early Product Access Program offers several benefits to existing customers, partners, and other users who sign up as a member. These include:

Gain early access to new product features and enhancements

As a member of the program, you get access to beta versions of our data management solutions before their general availability. This allows you to test the new software in your own environment and determine whether the upcoming product is a good fit for your business use-case. This also helps you get ready for product installation, implementation, and to start taking advantage of the new features when the product is released.

Work with our product development and support team

Our support team works closely with the participants throughout the testing period, helping them get acquainted with the product and quickly troubleshooting any issues. In addition, as a priority user, you also get to interact with the product development experts at Astera and escalate issues and request new features using our support forum.

Share your experience with other users

The Early Product Access Program offers you an opportunity to collaborate with a community of early adopters, share your experience of using the product in your environment, and discuss the new features and enhancements.

Become an Astera Advocate

After a successful experience of using one of our pre-release products, Astera invites you to become an advocate and let other users know how the Early Product Access Program helped you test-drive a product for your specific use-case. As an Astera Advocate, you can leave an online review for us or work with our customer success team to get your story featured on our website.

Register as a Priority User

To register as a member of our Early Product Access Program, please fill out the form below. One of our representatives will contact you shortly with more details and a link to download the available pre-release product.