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Press Release: Astera Software Partners with Tableau to Bridge the Data-to-Insight Gap

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Tableau’s Integration with Astera’s Centerprise Data Integrator Enables Users to Utilize a Complete Suite of Data Integration and Self-Service Analytics Capabilities through a Single Platform.

Astera Software, a fast-growing company that develops enterprise-grade data management solutions, has joined hands with the leading visual analytics platform, Tableau. This partnership is geared towards enabling business users to leverage an end-to-end data management and visualization platform that offers advanced-level capabilities for data extraction, profiling, integration, warehousing, and visualization. For example,  using Astera Centerprise capabilities along with Tableau data validation features, business users can ensure data quality.

Data integration and reporting & analyses are two sides of the same coin that enable businesses to get a holistic view of their operations. The integration of Astera’s Centerprise Data Integrator with Tableau will allow users to benefit from the capabilities of both solutions, thereby amplifying their BI efforts, while improving data quality and minimizing the complexities associated with data integration and analysis.

Elucidating the idea behind Tableau and Centerprise Data Integrator integration, Jay Mishra, COO Astera, said, “Nowadays, data is the core business driver, providing a solid foundation for decision-makers to base their strategic decisions. However, the biggest challenge is making sense out of mountains of data pouring in from a myriad of sources. Centerprise Data Integrator simplifies the complex data integration processes, while Tableau allows business users to perform analyses on interactive dashboards in real-time to get meaningful insights. With this integration, business users can enjoy the best of both worlds.”

“We are excited to welcome Astera Software as one of our technology partners,” said Todd Talkington, Director of Technology Partnerships at Tableau. “Astera’s vision of enabling enterprises to automate the process of data extraction, integration, and warehousing, combined with Tableau’s visual analytics platform, will enhance the decision-making capabilities of our customers and help them extract more value out of their data.”

Centerprise Data Integrator uses an industrial-grade ETL engine designed to power data integration processes in an intuitive, code-free environment. It assists business users in all stages of integrating and transforming unstructured and structured data into meaningful information, ready to be fed into BI and self-service analytics tools.


Source: PC Mag

Tableau is a powerful visual analytics platform that enables users to build dashboards and perform real-time analysis to extract actionable insights. With Centeprise’s process orchestration and job scheduling capabilities, business users can design workflows to transform incoming data, integrate it with Tableau, and acquire reports and track key performance indicators on Tableau’s flexible and intuitive dashboards with just a few clicks.

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Astera Software develops powerful, intuitive data management solutions focused on eliminating the complexities in data extraction, integration, and warehousing processes. Astera’s solutions are consistently acclaimed for their superior usability, intuitive interface, and high performance, ensuring a rapid ROI and scalability to meet the most demanding data management tasks. To see how Centerprise Data Integrator can help you bring data from disparate sources to a single place for analyses and reporting, view the product demo, or download a free trial.

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