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Astera Use Case: Solving Partner Onboarding Challenges at Wheel Dealers2020-10-14T05:54:03+00:00

Astera Use Case: Solving Partner Onboarding Challenges at Wheel Dealers

As an online automotive marketplace that provides listings for new and used automobiles in a number of regions across the United States, Wheel Dealers is dealing with a near-constant flow of data from car dealerships throughout the country.

Incoming vendor listings contain up to 21 data points encompassing everything from car mileage and color, to transmission types. As you can imagine, creating processes for collecting, preparing, and delivering this data to Wheel Dealers’ frontend portal is no easy task, especially as the business continues to scale upwards.

With the help of Astera Centerprise, Wheel Dealers has managed to completely revamp their manual data integration processes and create a seamless end-to-end data integration system that:

. Automates data collection from dealerships
. Validates incoming data against pre-set parameters ensuring accurate listings for end-users
. Dynamically updates to reflect changes in source file formats
. Provides real-time logging of errors in integration flows

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