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Why Astera DW Builder?

Take Control Over the Development Process Like Never Before

Access an easy-to-use, code-free user interface with an incredible depth of functionality, rendering complex SQL coding and ETL scripting obsolete.

High-Level Data Integration

ADWB is built on an industrial-strength ETL engine that helps users develop an architecture that is ready to handle massive volumes of data with ease and at a fraction of the cost.

Modify and Update with Ease

Our flexible model gives users everything they need to adapt to new business requirements with just a few clicks.

Key Features

A Library of Ready-to-Use Connectors

Easily use our built-in connectors for several industry-leading databases such as SQL Server, Oracle Database, Amazon Cloud, and Azure Cloud.

Data Model Verification Module

Use a single-click validator to cut down repetitive troubleshooting by highlighting any errors in the data model before moving to the next stage of production.

Data Quality and Profiling

Access a variety of transformations that can profile, cleanse, and validate data to ensure readiness for the data warehouse without the user having to change applications.

Job Scheduling and Workflow Orchestration

Use our built-in workflow orchestration and job scheduling features to automate ETL operations across data warehouses.

Consumption Through OData Module

Publish dimensional models for consumption through OData and visualize data through leading reporting and analytics applications, including Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, and QlikView.

Pushdown Optimization

ADWB features a robust pushdown optimization mode, allowing users to push source-intensive transformations and loading processes in the database within seconds.

Intelligent Data Mapping

With ADWB’s Data Model-Query Objects and dedicated Fact and Dimension loaders, users can connect to one or multiple objects and apply transformations and business rules before loading outputs to related entities in their data model.

How It Works?

What Customers are Saying

Ease of use, clever transformations and in general Centerprise has a library of transformations that even heavy duty tools like Informatica doesn't offer, such as SCD. You can literally be up and running in a few seconds, with a very low learning curve.
Product is relatively intuitive to use. Initially, I was given a beta version and had several problems to start. Customer service was good for those issues. Now that we have the workflows defined, things go smoothly.
CCHP is now able to load data into our data warehouse where it was otherwise impossible and need to rely on outside vendors to breakdown the files. Astera Centerprise has helped us improve our State Medicaid EDI data submission acceptance and approval rate to over 97%. It has removed the need for an additional 1.0 FTE data analyst at a cost that is less than an additional data analyst.
Because of Astera we have been able to evolve and manage our EDW which has data from multiple sources today and is being used across our organization. It offers much easier and faster development time, with better interface.

Get Started with Astera DW Builder

Download our 14-day product trial and discover how easy it is to develop and deploy a data warehouse with Astera DW Builder.


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