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Data Extraction Powerhouse

Instantly transform large volume of unstructured data into actionable insights with Astera ReportMiner. Use our automated, code-free platform to spend less time in data extraction and more time in using it

Why ReportMiner

Extract large amount of complex data intuitively

Build pattern-based extraction templates for complex data files in an easy-to-learn, code-free environment.

Save time with workflow automation

Automatically load files from a configured location and then write the extracted data to a destination of choice with our report mining software.

Never get stuck

We have a dedicated team of customer success representatives who ensure your experience with the product is as smooth as possible.

Key Features

Reusable Extraction Templates

Build reusable pattern-based templates to extract information quickly and easily with our report extraction software.


Workflow Automation

Design workflows for repetitive extraction jobs and set triggers to run the job at specific intervals, like a time of day or every time a document is added to the source location.


Support for a Range of Unstructured Documents

Extract information from a wide range of semi-structured and unstructured data formats, including PDFs, TXT, JSON, PRN, RTF, XLX, XLSX, and COBOL using our report mining software


Export Data to any Destination

Load data to your destination of choice, such as relational databases, enterprise applications, APIs, BI tools, or any file format.


Data Quality Rules

Create custom data quality rules and validate extracted information to ensure maximum accuracy with Astera report extraction software.


Private Cloud or On-Premises Deployment

Use Report Miner via cloud or on-premises deployment.

data extraction

Parallel Processing

Run concurrent data extraction jobs on our server to minimize time to value.

What Customers are Saying

Astera ReportMiner helps numerous businesses of all sizes around the world enhance their efficiency, save money, and earn more profits with data extraction automation.

Try ReportMiner Cost Saving Calculator

The Cost Savings Calculator allows you to quantify business benefits of using Astera ReportMiner. Use the calculator and see how much you can save!