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ReportMiner, now enabling 10x Faster Template Creation. Further cut down time spent from minutes to seconds! Experience AI Capture

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Why Astera Report Miner?

Automate The Data Extraction Process

ReportMiner will automatically load files from any connected location, extract the data, and write it to a desired destination.

Use Templates To Extract Data Quickly

Build pattern-based extraction templates for even the most complex data files. ReportMiner is an intuitive drag and drop program that allows users to design templates without any code.

Ensure The Quality Of Your Data

ReportMiner allows users to create custom data quality rules and validate extracted information before it is loaded into the desired destination.

Key Features

Reusable Extraction Templates

After building a pattern-based extraction template, users can use this template again and again for any file that matches said template. These templates are easily built in ReportMiner’s no code, drag and drop environment.

Support for a Range of Unstructured Formats

ReportMiner offers support for a large amount of unstructured and semi-structured data formats including, but not limited to PDFs, TXT, JSON, PRN, RTF, XLX, XLSX, and COBO.

Data Quality Rules

Create custom data quality rules and easily validate extracted information to ensure data accuracy.

Parallel Processing

Run concurrent data extraction jobs on Astera’s server to minimize time and resources used.

Workflow Automation

As with templates, workflows can also be designed for repeating extraction jobs. ReportMiner’s functionality allows users to automate the process by running the job at specific intervals or whenever a document is added to a connected source location (i.e. Folder, inbox).

Export Data to Any Destination

Load data to a destination of choice, including relational databases, enterprise applications, APIs, BI tools, or into any file format.

Private Cloud Or On Premises Deployment

Use Report Miner via cloud or on-premises deployment.

How It Works?

What Customers are Saying

Excellent Tool! ReportMiner is a very helpful tool, which makes our jobs much easier. We definitely recommend it!
Great Concept, Easy to Use. ReportMiner is a great product. It's extremely customizable to meet many different needs, and customer service has always been outstanding when I've needed help.
We get PDF reports that have one record of information on multiple lines. With ReportMiner we can easily harvest the information we need out of the report and put it in Excel. It is a great product that saves us time.
[ReportMiner] is intuitive, and powerful. What I like the most about ReportMiner is the ability to create functions and calculate fields. I like that to create the model is really easy, it has a tool to grab the rows just by clicking.
Product is relatively intuitive to use. Initially, I was given a beta version and had several problems to start. Customer service was good for those issues. Now that we have the workflows defined, things go smoothly.

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