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What is an EDI 106 Motor Carrier Rate Proposal?

An EDI 106 document is used by a motor carrier for proposing rates and services to a trade partner, such as a shipper or a receiver. Data contents of EDI 106 Motor Carrier Rate Proposal are used within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange environment.

An EDI 106 document is organized into data elements and segments. These segments contain the following information:

  • Address information
  • Tariff
  • Equipment details

Workflow for the Exchange of an EDI 106 Motor Carrier Rate Proposal

An EDI 106 transaction set is usually exchanged between supply chain partners. The document is generated following the receipt of an EDI 107 Request for Motor Carrier Rate Proposal. Information about services and rates to be provided to a trading partner is mapped on the EDI 106 format using an EDI solution. Upon receiving the Motor Carrier Rate Proposal, the recipient can respond to the rate and service proposal using the X12 108 transaction set.

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