Leverage out-of-the-box connectivity to effortlessly integrate SharePoint with your existing data pipelines. Use the SharePoint built-in connector either as a source or destination. Consolidate your enterprise data in SharePoint or send SharePoint data to a data warehouse in a zero-code environment.

Create a Unified View of Your Enterprise Data in SharePoint

Allow your team instant access to critical information and business intelligence by integrating all your data assets and creating a central repository in SharePoint. Use SharePoint as a destination and quickly map all your enterprise data sources into the cloud.

Use Astera’s automation features to ensure that your data is always up to date. Set time-based or event-based triggers to automatically send incoming data to SharePoint without manual intervention.

ETL SharePoint Data into any Destination within Minutes

Extract, transform, and integrate your SharePoint data without extensive coding. With Astera’s library of built-in connectors, you can easily combine your SharePoint data with other enterprise data points for rich insights.</p

Astera supports extensive built-in transformations that allow you to clean and manipulate data to any format compatible with your destination with ease. Build automated data pipelines from SharePoint to popular data warehousing platforms, including Snowflake, and Amazon Redshift. Replicate and sync your SharePoint data with other databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, or MySQL.

Get the Most Out of SharePoint with Astera

Hassle-Free Access

Astera’s built-in connector for SharePoint takes away the complexity of reading and writing data to the cloud. Easily drag and drop the connectors in the dataflow designer to easily migrate, replicate, or sync your SharePoint data.

Improved Data Quality

Astera Centerprise has extensive data quality features to ensure your SharePoint data is accurate, consistent, and complete. Use advanced profiling and data cleansing to ensure the integrity of your critical SharePoint data.

Faster Time to Value

Astera Centerprise tackles modern-day data challenges by processing large volumes of data at speed without any manual intervention. The built-in connector, coupled with automation and job scheduling features, allows you to minimize your time-to-value and get near real time access to business insights.

Cloud is the Future of Business

Increase your Business Efficiency with SharePoint and Astera

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