Astera introduces the newest addition to the platform, Astera API Management - a complete API lifecycle management solution. Learn More


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Astera API Management empowers you to unlock the full potential of your IT stack. Using our no-code API Lifecycle management solution, you can create an agile and future-proof API strategy to access and deliver data with minimal manual effort. Leverage Astera’s native industrial-strength ETL engine and intuitive interface to your advantage and accelerate API development, management, and monitoring.

How Astera API Management Works?

Astera API Management seamlessly handles all the steps of your API journey, simplifying handoff between different teams, and delivering information securely to stakeholders and partners.


Access data from cloud and web applications using HTTP calls. Enrich your integrations to process business queries and create a consolidated repository. Connect to popular business applications like Salesforce, Jira, QuickBooks, Zendesk, and more using single-step authentication. Easily access data from these applications and transform it according to your business requirements.


Configure endpoints and customize API flows using drag-and-drop components from Astera’s toolbox. Add any source, transformation, and data profiling features. Effortlessly sort and filter API responses with built-in API Query parmeters object.


With Astera API Management, deployment is just a matter of one click. Once you have created APIs and integration, you can use the visual Project Explorer to group and deploy them within seconds on premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.


Use Instant Data Preview and test run API flows before deploying to verify all components are working seamlessly. Our solution also allows you to fully-configured API test flows after deployment. ItIt replicates your API flows into test flows, so you can debug any errors beforehand.

Manage and Secure

Use a visual centralized wizard to delete or update your deployments in a few clicks. Our solution automatically generates documentation after deployment for easy consumption as Open API Swagger specifications. Developers can easily debug APIs using the Run Time trace feature. Astera API Management also offers features such as User Access and Tokenization to protect your APIs before they are shared.


Use a live dashboard to keep a track of your APIs’ performance. Check the number of API requests and get a custom filtered dashboard view. Monitor your server performance with various metrics, such as requests per second and average response durations.

Go from API design to publishing within minutes

Unlock Digital Transformation with Zero-Code API Management

Astera API Management offers out-of-the-box features and code-free environment to simplify API Management and reduce developer time. Using the solution, you can start working with APIs right away!

Code-free environment

The intuitive interface allows you to manage the complete API lifecycle with simple drag-and-drop functionality. Start building API flows right away, as our solution does all the heavy lifting at the backend.

Pre-Built Connectors

Acquire a 360 view of your business data. Bring data from popular data warehouses, databases, applications, and file formats with our native connectors.

Real time file transfers

Enable file uploads and downloads to your Server File Storage through APIs. It allows users to securely manage client file transfers between local and cloud storages, or seamlessly automate file ingestion to ETL flows.


Ensure faster data accessibility with paginated responses. Use cursor pagination and define the number of records you want to show on a single page.

Async APIs

Save time by executing asynchronous API requests. Just send requests triggering the flow and Astera API Management will queue the response depending on the server load and keep you updated on the event status.

Sort and Filter

Enable API parameters to dynamically define in-built filter and sort queries on the response fields.


Use tokenization and Role-based User Access to secure APIs. Define different roles with permissions and assign them to users accordingly.

Database Source Browser

Easily access any supported database within the platform. Just point to the database server and Astera API Management will show all your databases in one place.

Instant Data Preview

Get an instant preview of your data and debug any errors at design time before deploying your API flows.

Create a Digitally Connected Ecosystem