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Automate Your Data Onboarding and Start Creating Real Value from Your Partnerships

In today’s connected world, partnerships are crucial to success for modern enterprises. The collaboration with external participants provides a host of benefits, including access to new markets, improved business efficiency, and ultimately plays a key role in business growth and […]

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Data Extraction Template: Get PDF Data from Forms & Tables

Businesses regularly get product and consumer data from a multitude of sources like production facilities, distribution centers, retailers, partners, and other third-party vendors. This data is usually in the form of Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, PDF forms, TXT and RTF files. […]

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Data Automation: How it Transforms the Enterprise Landscape

Data automation is considered crucial for business sustainability. According to the International Data Center (IDC), the global data sphere is expected to grow to 163 zettabytes by 2025. That’s equivalent to 163 trillion gigabytes or ten times more than the […]

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