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Data Quality Management: What It is and Why Is It Important?

Data is the lifeblood of an organization that forms the basis for many critical business decisions. However, organizations should have an extensive data quality process flow to ensure the viability of data, as accurate data can help deliver valuable results. […]

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Master Data Management for Beginners

One of the significant challenges for an organization is to create a single view of truth for enterprise data while maintaining its reliability, accuracy, and quality. Master data management (MDM) might be your silver bullet when simplifying data management. In […]

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Improvements to Security and Access Control in Centerprise 8.0

Centerprise 8.0 includes several new features and enhancements to improve the performance, agility, and security of enterprise data management. In this blog, I will provide you an overview of the security, user authentication, and access control-related enhancements made to our […]

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