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An Insider Look at the Key Approaches and Architecture of Astera Data Warehouse Builder

Data is perhaps the most valuable resource for any organization. And leveraging it the right way can be critical to success. To meet your BI initiatives, you need an agile, responsive data warehouse architecture that can deliver accurate, trusted insights […]

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Jay Mishra, CTO Astera Software, Explains Why Agility is Important for Data Warehousing Success

A robust data warehouse is pivotal for enterprises to make data-driven decisions and compete more strategically. Therefore, companies must adopt agile data warehousing techniques to stay on top of the competition.   The traditional waterfall development model is not a viable method to achieve business efficiency. […]

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Guide to Data Warehouse Modernization: Methods, Drivers, and Approaches

We often hear the phrase: the data warehouse is evolving and modernizing. But have you ever wondered what this means and how it affects your business? This blog will answer these critical questions, what is data warehouse modernization, the benefits […]

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