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Join Us for a Live Webinar to Get a Peek into What’s New in Centerprise 8.0

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Mark your calendars to join Mike O’Quinn, CTO of Astera Software, for an insightful webinar on Fast-Track Your Data Management Initiatives with Centerprise 8.0 on May 7th, 2019 at 11:00 am to 12:00 pm PDT.

Webinar Overview

Centerprise 8.0 features significant enhancements geared towards providing improved flexibility, higher scalability, better performance, and robust security. The live webinar will cover everything you need to know about the revamped Centerprise’s client-server architecture, short demos of new features and functionality updates, and product roadmap for the coming months.

New Features and Updates in Centerprise 8.0

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Support for ASP .NET Core that enables users to leverage Centerprise on Linux distros, Ubuntu and CentOS, as well as the Windows OS.
  • Centerprise Rest Server Architecture: A transition from .Net Remoting to REST server architecture, which includes an extensive library of REST Web API services for integration jobs.
  • Docker Container Deployment: A compact, portable, and containerized edition of Centerprise, designed to provide enhanced load balancing capabilities, easier deployment, and improved flexibility.
  • Lean Centerprise Client: A lightweight Centerprise Client architecture designed to expedite the deployment process and reduce IT overhead for hardware maintenance.
  • Centerprise Web Service: Deploy and manage Centerprise workflows, schedules, and other jobs through an extensive library of REST APIs on cloud or on-premise platforms.
  • Security and Access Control: Enhanced security through controlled data access and secure data exchange through user role management, role-based resource access, and bearer-token authentication
  • Cloud Deployment of Centerprise: Leverage the flexibility and extensibility of cloud technology by deploying Centerprise server on IaaS providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and more.

Roadmap for Q3 2019

  • Localization: Support for Spanish, French, and German languages to enhance the product user experience for international audiences.
  • Improvements to Server Monitoring and Job Management: Improved server-side capabilities through a unified server management interface, job management functionality, and job monitoring window.
  • Data Virtualization Solution: Accelerate data integration jobs by creating virtual views of your data in disparate sources through our new data virtualization solution.
  • API Integration: Consume RESTful APIs to retrieve and manipulate information from any external and internal source in a code-free manner through our robust API integration solution.

Want an in-depth look into all the new features, updates, and components of Centerprise 8.0? Sign up today to reserve your spot – we are looking forward to having an interactive Q&A session with you.