With rising competition in the textile industry, managers are looking to develop synergies in their manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain However, the large influx of data — from yield reports to supplier bills — pouring from multiple streams makes it difficult to collect, store, and utilize data efficiently. One of the most challenging areas is extracting purchase orders data.

That’s where Astera Centerprise comes to the rescue. The end-to-end data management solution allows textile companies to create a data-rich environment. Users can gain valuable insights on key areas such as procurement cost and manufacturing line efficiency, from the data collected at various points to optimize business processes and improve supply chain operations.

Here’s a use case where Eric, a financial analyst at a textile manufacturing company, uses Centerprise to create templates to extract data from purchase orders faster and accurately:

To get more information on how you can use Astera Centerprise to automate and streamline data extraction tasks in your textile company, get in touch with our team today!



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