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Little to No Data Entry Errors

Ensuring Accurate Analytics

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 IT Services Contractor Automates PDF Data Extraction for Faster Time-to-Insight

This company is a trusted contractor for government departments and many commercial companies, offering logistics, IT, and training services for various specialized fields. Among its other services, the IT contractor handles the work history information of government personnel, which it procures in PDF format from its client’s main database system.

With every new hire, IT officers have to manually extract the work history information from PDFs, prepare data for integration, and feed it into Microsoft Dynamics CRM for reporting and analyses. Manual data extraction alone consumed 3+ hours per personnel PDF and involved a high risk of errors, leading to delayed, inaccurate analytics. The company wanted to implement an automated solution that could handle critical personnel information while ensuring data integrity and saving IT officers from the cumbersome PDF manual transcription.

Astera ReportMiner has extremely simplified the process, reducing more than 3 hours per personnel PDF document through auto-mapping and pattern match features. Collectively, the IT contractor estimates saving over 1000 manual hours per year and enjoys faster, accurate analytics due to fewer errors during data extraction.

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