All You Need To Know About The Astera Campus Ambassador Program

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Are you thrilled by new technology? Do your friends say you’re a natural leader? Do you have the capabilities and capacity to represent your university as an Astera Campus Ambassador? If yes, this is a perfect opportunity for YOU!

Through the Campus Ambassador Program, you become a liaison between Astera and your university. Ambassadors plan and host several events during their tenure, introduce students to Astera’s products and features, and act as a campus contact for Astera teams. This is a unique program that will help students make their mark on campus while taking their first steps into the corporate world.

Astera’s Campus Ambassadors work closely with our internal team to organize various training sessions offered by Astera mentors. These include workshops, hackathons, tech events, boot camps, and seminars at their campuses. All ambassadors will be taken through a comprehensive month-long training where they’ll get to learn about Astera Software and its products.  It is a remote opportunity, but ambassadors maybe required to attend important meetings at our head office located in Karachi. Ambassadors located outside of Karachi will be expected to attend monthly meetings virtually during their Ambassadorship and maintain frequent contact with the CAP coordinator.

What is the role of Astera’s Campus Ambassador?

As Campus Ambassadors, you will work as an integral part of team Astera and act as your institution’s digital spokesperson. You will represent Astera in on-campus and digital events, promoting them ahead of time on social media channels and assisting the recruitment team in marketing efforts.

You already have the passion and training, now it’s time to super-charge your impact with new support, resources, and tools. Depending on your interests there are three ways you can get involved:

  1. Content Development Team: Responsible for writing creative content for social media, creating registration forms/surveys, and analyzing the gathered information.
  2. Community Management Team: Responsible for managing social media posts, scheduling events, responding to students’ queries, and moderating the social media community established for this program.
  3. Ideation Team: Responsible for coming up with promotion ideas on social media, working collaboratively with the graphic designer to produce quality designs, and media coverage of the events held at respective universities.

In addition to the core responsibilities of their respective team, each Campus Ambassador will be expected to perform the following duties:

  • Design and Execute a Recruitment Marketing Campaign: CAs will represent Astera Software on their campus through pitching and implementing recruitment marketing campaigns
  • Sharing Posts/Stories: The Ambassador will be sharing posts and contents on their social media accounts from Astera’s career pages and Facebook group.
  • Networking: Campus Ambassadors will network and maintain connections with most students on campus. You’ll develop contacts with new people and friends across your university and raise awareness about Astera Software and the career prospects at Astera.
  • Event Promotion: Campus Ambassador will assist in launching various events organized by Astera Software including Astera Academy, and Astera’s annual recruitment drives.
  • Participate in in-service training and leadership workshops as scheduled.
  • Be a source of knowledge for your university about Astera products.
  • Spread Astera goodwill to your fellow students.
  • Work with diverse populations and provide tips on being a successful campus ambassador.
  • Answer current and future student questions on the Ask an Ambassador program.

How Do You Qualify?

This opportunity is currently by invitation only and is open to students at university. Astera Campus Ambassadors must be

  • A Bachelor’s Student
  • Preferably be a third or final year student at your university
  • Enrolled in any program/major

What Are We Looking For?

  • Passionate about technology
  • Able to plan events and manage a budget
  • Actively involved in student life on campus
  • Exposed to social media platforms
  • Eye for Marketing
  • Go-getter

Application Process

How do we source and select the right students for the job?

What is the time commitment?

  • Six months
  • Approx. 10-15 hours per month
  • Three to four events per their tenure

Perks of being the Astera Campus Ambassador?

As the Astera Campus Ambassador, you will:

  • Take charge of marketing campaigns and assist in their planning, execution and coordination. Create videos, blog posts and other work to be used for internal and external marketing campaigns.
  • Get free access to the Astera events including professional development classes offered through Astera Academy, etc.
  • Polish up on professional skills including problem-solving, public speaking, event management and communication.
  • Receive a bunch of cool rewards (did someone say swag?) and recognition opportunities.
  • Add the Astera Campus Ambassador Program experience to your resume.
  • Exchange best practices with Ambassadors from other schools and disciplines.
  • Certificate: Get a certificate and letter of recommendation on successful completion of the Ambassador Program.
  • Get Featured: Top 3 ambassadors will be featured on the Astera’s social media pages and website.
  • Potential of an Internship at Astera

Sounds great, how do I apply?

Become Astera’s point of contact at your campus NOW!


Application Deadline: 31st December 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a remote opportunity?2020-12-24T05:57:34+00:00

Yes, Campus Ambassadors will be working remotely for the most part of their tenure. However, they will be expected to attend on-campus events (if any – based on the COVID-19 situation) at their respective institutions. Furthermore, ambassadors may be required to attend important meetings at Astera’s head office located in Karachi. Ambassadors located outside of Karachi will be expected to participate virtually in monthly meetings during their Ambassadorship and maintain frequent contact with the CAP coordinator.

Is this an internship program? 2020-12-24T05:57:25+00:00

The Campus Ambassador Program is not an internship. However, it offers the potential to secure an internship at Astera.

Is there any compensation?2020-12-24T05:59:28+00:00

Though this isn’t a paid job, Campus Ambassadors receive complimentary access to Astera’s digital products, as well as numerous opportunities throughout the tenure to win rewards for participation on and off-campus.

What is the time commitment involved?2020-12-24T06:01:08+00:00

We want you to be our ambassador for a minimum period of 6 months (we hope you’ll want to come back!). On average, an ambassador will work from 10 to 15 hours per month.

Will I be given the opportunity to work with Astera professionals? 2020-12-24T06:04:04+00:00

Yes! Campus Ambassadors will work closely with Astera’s team when meeting with professors and conducting boot camps and sessions on campus.

How will I learn how to be an ambassador?2020-12-24T06:08:49+00:00

Once accepted, you will go through an initial orientation with the Campus Ambassador team. You will also be partnered with a Campus Ambassador Leader. You will be provided ongoing training and support throughout your tenure.

Is there a cost to participate?2020-12-24T06:09:30+00:00

There is no fee to participate in the Campus Ambassador Program; it’s completely free! The costs for all the activities, from organizing events to attending workshops, are covered by Team Astera.

Can students from any university/institute apply?2020-12-24T06:10:03+00:00

Yes, students from any college/university from any part of Pakistan can apply for the Astera Campus Ambassador Program.

Will Astera support the ambassadors in the campaigns and activities they execute?2020-12-24T06:10:37+00:00

Yes, Astera Software will provide adequate resources and guidance for the successful execution of planned marketing activities.

Can I be removed/terminated from the program?2020-12-24T06:12:34+00:00

Yes, a campus ambassador can be terminated from the program under the following two scenarios:

  • If they do not meet our minimum bar in terms of performance, they will be relieved from their responsibilities at the end of the first month.
  • If they are found indulging in any immoral, unethical activities or any other activities that we, at our sole discretion, will determine to be inimical to us, such as engaging in badmouthing the organization, trying to game the point system, etc.
Who can apply?2020-12-24T06:13:30+00:00

Anyone who meets the below criteria:

  • Undergraduate students currently pursuing their bachelor’s degree in any major.
  • Students who are passionate about technology & marketing.
What does the application process involve, and do you have any tips?2020-12-24T06:17:01+00:00

All aspiring Campus Ambassadors must submit complete applications. We’re not looking for students with a specific talent or skillset; instead, we want to bring together a diverse group of students with different interests, skills, and personalities. Use the application questions to communicate who you are, what you’re interested in, and how you feel this leadership experience will benefit you. Don’t worry about trying to impress us! There’s no need to be as formal as a college application essay, and we’re not reading for grammar or spelling.

After reviewing all the applications, our team would contact the shortlisted students to schedule online interviews and make the final selections.

What are we looking for in a Campus Ambassador application?2020-12-24T06:57:21+00:00

Multiple members of team Astera would review each application. Here’s what we’ll look for:

If you have experience in a field (especially in event management/Project leadership), we need you to tell us why you’re applying for this program. If you don’t have previous event management/leadership experience, it won’t affect your chances of getting into the program.
We are looking for people from a variety of backgrounds with different interests and reasons for applying to be a Campus Ambassador. Don’t try to be formal in your answers to the questions— we want to see your unique style and voice shine through. Instead of telling us what you think we want to hear, just be yourself and be honest in your responses.
You should submit your application on time and with all parts completed. It’s okay if you have technical difficulties, but if we have to follow up several times to remind you to send a picture or submit your written responses, then that’s a sign that you might not be ready to commit to this program. We also look at whether you seem overcommitted or nervous about committing to all the program dates.
Tell us why you think this program could be beneficial for you. Is there a particular skill that you want to develop? If you’ve already decided on a career path, how will this program help you achieve your goals? Be honest with yourself about whether this program is the best fit for you.
Who can I contact in case of any questions regarding the Astera Campus Ambassador Program?2020-12-24T06:27:49+00:00

You can contact us anytime at