Tap into Customer Insights with Astera Centerprise’s New Salesforce REST Connector

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Customer insights and behavioral patterns are at the heart of all effective marketing and sales strategies. That said, valuable customer data is often siloed in business applications, databases, and CRM platforms like Salesforce making it difficult to extract real value from source data. This lack of accessibility of customer data, account details, and information on leads etc poses a great challenge for businesses as they are unable to leverage their data to improve their processes.

Striving to make data more accessible and integration more convenient for enterprises, Astera Centerprise now comes with a new Salesforce REST connector allowing users to extract and load large volumes of customer, sales, and employee data without any delays.

Why Do Businesses Use Salesforce?

Consistently named as the #1 CRM provider  in the world, Salesforce is an extremely popular option among businesses looking to streamline their sales and marketing efforts. Additionally, CRMs like Salesforce offer a great deal of automation, helping businesses looking to reduce time to value across the customer journey.

Here are some more reasons why Salesforce continues to grow in popularity with each year:

  • Easy collaboration: Customer relationship management is a long and ongoing process involving several different teams. Tools like Salesforce make it easy for these teams to collaborate and draw relevant insights, ensuring there aren’t any gaps in analysis.
  • Simple reporting: Salesforce allows users to generate trustworthy and accurate reports without the hassle.
  • Visual dashboards: Data on Salesforce is presented in a clear, concise, and easily digestible manner making it a top choice among technical and business users alike.

What’s New About Astera Centerprise’s Salesforce REST Connector?

Astera Centerprise’s new Salesforce REST connector allows users to load high volumes of data from account details and customer records to call logs in bulk after which Salesforce itself will take care of creating batches for easier processing. With the new Salesforce REST connector, users can process up to 150 million records every 24 hours. The ability to deal with such large volumes of data will inevitably improve the customer experience and make business processes a lot more efficient.

The new Salesforce Bulk API v2 feature also provides users with a complete list of failed records in case there are any errors during processing. This list of records can help users make any necessary changes to their data or dataflow to minimize the chance of errors.

Using Customer Data from Salesforce to Define Marketing Expenditure

Data integration is critical to ongoing operations in the opinion of over 80% of enterprise business operations leaders. Luckily for you, Astera Centerprise’s new Salesforce connector can help enterprises integrate data with over 40 different sources.

Let’s say you’re a marketing manager responsible for managing budgets allocated to various marketing channels. While you may have access to Excel sheets containing a breakdown of the marketing budget of the current and previous months, this may not be sufficient for data-driven forecasting.

Extracting customer behavior information from Salesforce and integrating it with Excel can help you customize your marketing strategies and allocate budgets based on customer engagement on different marketing platforms. When using Astera Centerprise, all you need to do to extract data from Salesforce is copy a database source object on the designer and select Salesforce Rest as the Data Provider.

Configuring Salesforce with Astera Centerprise

Configuring Salesforce with Astera Centerprise

Once the source object has been configured, you’ll be able to choose whether you wish to extract data in bulk or based on certain metrics.

With Astera Centerprise, you can also visualize your consolidated data through platforms like PowerBI to draw conclusions about customer behavior and how it’s related to the allocated sales budgets.

Get Up-to-Date Insights on Sales Performance with our Automation Features

Wish to improve your sales figures with minimal intervention? Salesforce integration can help!

With Astera Centerprise’s new Salesforce REST connector, you can extract data from dozens of different cloud databases and file formats and load it to Salesforce to create a single source of truth for your marketing efforts. All you need to do is select the supported source of your choice to extract data from, enrich your data with hundreds of built-in transformations and functions, and load it to Salesforce to facilitate data-driven strategies.

Astera Centerprise’s built-in Job Scheduler also makes data automation simpler and hassle-free for businesses with flexible data integration needs. You can select the frequency of dataflow execution based on your requirements and integrate your data with minimal manual efforts.


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