Announcing the Release of Astera Data Virtualization Beta 2

By | 2019-10-09T04:25:36+00:00 October 9th, 2019|

The beta 1 release of Astera Data Virtualization had all the essential tools for creating, deploying, and delivering virtualized views of enterprise data. The beta 2 release goes a step further with improved security and performance in data virtualization projects.

Here’s a brief overview of what you will find in this new release:

User Authentication and Authorization

The beta 2 release features enhanced security controls that support token-based authentication using SSL protocols and user and role-based access across the virtual layer.

Astera data virtualization beta 2

Figure 1: Registering a new user, assigning user role, editing user info, and deleting a user

The Astera Data Virtualization server allows managing all user permissions through a single point of control. It enables the admin to delegate access distinctions, prevent unauthorized access to virtual databases, and monitor user activities. Moreover, you can create, edit, and assign roles according to your organization’s requirements.

Job Monitoring Improvements

There have been substantial enhancements in the job monitoring window, featuring user-friendly trace logging, better UI response, navigation arrow buttons, and dataflow optimizing suggestions. The job trace window also gives users the option to track verification errors. Furthermore, addition of a Refresh button in the job monitoring toolbar enables the user to refresh the window and generate the live status of a job, in case the trace is paused.

In addition, the new features added to Astera Centerprise 7.6, including data cleanse transformation, synonym-driven file reading and mapping, and job optimizer, are available in the Astera Data Virtualization beta 2 release as well.

Test-drive the trial version and see how this new release can streamline your data virtualization projects.