Astera DW Builder: A New Dimension of Data Warehouse Automation

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Data and analytics are the lifeblood of all growing organizations. However, according to research conducted by Vanson Bourne, as many as 93% of surveyed decision makers believe that improvements are needed in the way they collect, manage, store, and analyze data.

While many forward-thinking organizations wish to implement a data warehouse as part of their analytics strategy, challenges ranging from the time-to-implementation to the amount of coding involved in building a data warehouse holds them back. As enterprise data integration, extraction and management solution experts, we at Astera Software designed the perfect solution for organizations looking to implement a fully functional data warehouse – whether on premises or in the cloud – without the hassle.

The solution, Astera DW Builder, was recently launched in an live virtual event titled Unveiling a New Dimension of Agile Data Warehousing. Featuring sessions from key influencers in the data warehousing space, Bill Inmon and William McKnight, the launch event served as the perfect opportunity to introduce viewers to the latest trends in data warehousing and best practices that can be leveraged to build a data warehouse for your organization.

As an added incentive, our CTO, Jay Mishra, also showed how Astera DW Builder can be used to build a data warehouse from scratch in under an hour with a live demonstration.

More About the Event

The two-hour long live session was conducted on May 19th, 2021. After the keynote sessions, we hosted an in-depth Q&A session with William McKnight where viewers had the chance to get his expert opinions on a variety of data warehousing-related topics. The questions ranged from whether or not all organizations should move their data warehouse to the cloud to the key elements that one should take into account when building a data warehouse.

Once all the questions had been answered thoroughly, our CEO, Ibrahim Surani, and VP of Product, Mike A. O. Quinn, raised the curtains on ADWB with a wide-ranging discussion on the vision and development process behind Astera DW Builder, and how the agile platform can help supercharge productivity across enterprises at every scale.

Astera’s C-level executives also explained how Astera DW Builder comes complete with features to simplify the complex and time-consuming processes of extracting source data, building dimensional models, coding ETL flows, and meeting data quality standards – all of which remain some of the top concerns of organizations in the processes of building or selecting a data warehousing solution for their analytics architecture.

Astera DW Builder: Here’s What You Need to Know

Astera DW Builder has been built to simplify and automate the entire data warehousing process from gathering requirements to deploying and reusing dimensional models. Following an agile, metadata driven approach, Astera DW Builder’s data warehousing features have been built on top of the Astera Software’s existing data integration platform, Astera Centerprise, which is used by both medium-sized and Fortune 500 companies.

Shedding light on what enterprises can achieve with Astera Data Warehouse Builder, Ibrahim added:

“With the level of automation the product provides, businesses can dramatically reduce the time-to-market of any data warehousing project by 80 percent while increasing the odds of its successful implementation tenfold. And once the metadata-driven architecture is in place, adapting to changing business requirements in iterations would be as simple as updating your data model and propagating it across the data warehouse with a few clicks. And that’s where the product really shines.”

The platform features a visual, intuitive interface which allows users to ingest data from several different sources including cloud applications, databases, and file formats without typing any code. Astera DW Builder also offers dimensional modeling and data vault modeling capabilities including support for SCD, date dimensions, and more to ensure that you can use your data warehouse for a variety of projects without spending time on repetitive tasks.

Here are some key features that make Astera DW Builder one of the best DWH automation tools that data-driven organizations can leverage:

  • Zero-code ETL/ELT to automate dataflow creation for populating database tables
  • Built-in validations and checks to ensure the integrity of the data model and source data
  • ELT pushdown mode to accelerate fact and dimensional table loading
  • Native connectivity to popular databases, including SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA, IBM DB2, MariaDB, and many others, to extract and model business data.
  • Support for on-prem and cloud data warehouse providers, such as SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Azure Synapse Analytics, Amazon Redshift, Oracle, Snowflake, and more.
  • A robust OData service module to make the data warehouse available to query from popular visualization tools, like Power BI, Tableau, Domo, Qlik, and more.

Get in touch today for more information on how Astera Data Warehouse Builder can simplify and speed up your enterprise data warehousing project or for a personalized demo of your specific use case.