We may be living in unprecedented times, but that hasn’t stopped Astera Software from innovating to deliver new and improved solutions to its customers. Understanding the need for an intuitive data warehousing solution, the team at Astera Software has worked tirelessly to develop and refine its new product, Astera DW Builder, which will be launched in a virtual event on May 19th, 2021.

A New Approach to Data Warehouse Automation: Introducing Astera DW Builder

Employing a metadata-driven approach, Astera DW Builder has been designed to help organizations improve their business intelligence efforts while minimizing timelines. As a one-stop data warehousing solution, Astera DW Builder can revolutionize businesses by providing a holistic view of their data and operations for effective decision-making.

With over a decade of experience in the data management domain creating acclaimed products and solutions, our development team has an in-depth understanding of the challenges and pain points that can affect data integration and analysis at the enterprise level. This is exactly why Astera DW Builder has been built to ensure that organizations have easy access to their data without spending long hours on coding, configuration, and integration.

Keeping the need for fast, accurate reporting and analysis in mind, the intuitive interface of Astera DW Builder ensures that both technical and business users can create a data warehouse from scratch in just a few days. With agility and scalability as its core features, Astera DW Builder gives users the ability to create a metadata-enriched data model, verify and deploy it in a few clicks, and then replicate the schema in the database of your choice. These functionalities make Astera DW Builder the perfect data warehousing solution for growing organizations looking to build a more efficient BI architecture.

The Launch Event: Date, Agenda, and Everything Else!

The virtual launch event, titled Unveiling a New Dimension of Agile Data Warehousing, is all set to be held on 19th May 2021. With a packed schedule of insightful sessions by our C-level executives and renowned influencers, this event is intended for BI practitioners, data stewards, ETL developers, data architects, and anyone with a passion for learning the latest on all things data.

Since we’ll be talking about the best practices and benefits of data warehousing, executives looking to increase organizational agility and scale-up efficiency are also invited to join in.

As an added incentive, we’ll give attendees a live demo of Astera DW Builder and show you how we can create a fully functional data warehouse in less than an hour.

Speaker Lineup

Bill Inmon – The Father of Data Warehousing; Founder, Chairman, CEO at Forest Rim Technology; Best Selling Author 

Topic: Evolution of Data Warehousing – Reminiscences of a Pioneer

Bill will be talking about what data warehousing would look like in the past and how data warehousing technology has evolved in the past few decades to overcome major challenges involved in the process.

William McKnight – President at McKnight Consulting Group, Author, #1  Influencer in the Data Warehousing space

Topic: The Modernization of the Data Platform and What Does it Mean for Data Warehousing

William will talk about why a strong data warehouse component is the cornerstone for ensuring maturity within the enterprise data ecosystem and powering the BI and data analytics projects.

Ibrahim Surani – CEO & Founder, Astera Software 

Mike A. O. Quinn – VP Product Management, Astera Software 

Topic: Opening a New Dimension in Agile Data Warehousing – The Impetus behind Astera DW Builder 

Ibrahim and Mike will introduce the audience to Astera’s new product, Astera DW Builder, discussing its impetus, benefits, and what makes the platform a truly agile data warehouse automation solution.

Jay Mishra – Chief Operating Officer, Astera Software 

Product Demonstration – Building a Data Warehouse in under an HOUR 

Jay will demonstrate audience the true power of Astera DW Builder by building a data warehouse from scratch in just under an hour.

Register now to grab your virtual front-row seats to the launch event of a revolutionary data warehousing product.

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