Astera Introduces ReportMiner 6.4 – Smart Data Extraction from Unstructured Data

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Astera is excited to announce that ReportMiner 6.4 is now available.  New innovative features make it one of the smartest data extraction software tools for unstructured data on the market.

Astera ReportMiner is a complete data extraction tool that enables users to extract data from human-readable report files, such as text, PDF, PRN, and Excel files. Users define pattern-based extraction models to extract desired data, parse it, and send it to a variety of destination formats, such as spreadsheets, relational databases, and XML files. ReportMiner comes with built-in data transformation features, such as lookup, sort, join, merge, route, filter, aggregate, and rule-based calculations.

This latest release builds on our software’s signature ease of use and intuitiveness with smart features such as automated name and address parsing and auto-creation of data regions and fields. These new features eliminate many time-consuming and error-prone manual data extraction tasks, saving time, and increasing data quality.

Key new features in ReportMiner 6.4 include:

  • Auto detection of data patterns – this feature automatically figures out patterns for building extraction models. Users select sample lines from the data file, and, based on that sample data, ReportMiner detects a pattern that can be used to extract these lines and any similar lines. Users can also specify a negative match to refine the pattern.
  • Automated name and address parsing – this feature provides special handling of names and addresses with built-in parsers. A single click adds name and address fields and enables users to extract the components of the field.
  • Looping and filtering – previous versions of ReportMiner required users to open the advanced mode (dataflow) when exporting in order to design an export that loops through all the files in a folder. In ReportMiner 6.4, users can quickly configure this part in the regular export setting itself. The new version also allows users to specify rule-based filters for export in the model itself.
  • PDF forms – this new feature is designed for the scenario where only form data needs to be extracted from PDF form documents. ReportMiner can be used to loop through form documents and send the data to a tabular format.

Pricing and Availability

ReportMiner 6.4 is available immediately for current users. For those interested in giving ReportMiner 6.4 a test drive, a free trial can be downloaded from