Centerprise Best Practices: Working With the High Volume Data Warehouse

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Data warehouses and data marts provide the business intelligence needed for timely and accurate business decisions. But data warehousing comes with a unique set of challenges revolving around huge volumes of data and maintenance of data keys.
warehouse bp wpCenterprise is the ideal solution for transferring and transforming large amounts of records from a transactional database to a data warehouse. It provides all the functionality needed for today’s demanding data storage and analysis requirements, including sophisticated ETL features that ensure data quality, superior performance, usability, scalability, change data capture for fast throughput, and wide connectivity to popular databases and file formats.

A new whitepaper from Astera provides best practices to be kept in mind during the entirety of the development process in order to make certain data warehousing projects will be successful. Topics include data quality, data profiling, validation, logging, translating into star schema, options for related tables, and performance considerations. Download your free copy here!