Data Integration Enables University to Analyze $3.2 Billion Endowment Fund

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Vanderbilt UniversityIn an article just published by, Jay Mishra discusses how Centerprise enabled Vanderbilt University to overcome the challenge of integrating disparate data from multiple sources in order to maximize return and minimize risk for its $3.2 billion endowment trust.

The university’s Office of Investments manages its $3.2 billion endowment, which provides the university with funding for teaching, research, public services, and more. The Office of Investments wanted to be able to determine consolidated risk exposures of the endowment to better understand the impact of different macroeconomic and market shocks, but this proved to be a very difficult and, at times, manual task because the investment data was scattered across multiple systems.

Vanderbilt ultimately selected Centerprise Data Integrator because it provided dataflow, workflow, and scheduling capabilities, so that the university’s finance team could quickly develop integration jobs to automatically retrieve and map data from external money managers and internal systems into the endowment tracking software.

The Centerprise easy-to-use interface allows the Office of Investments’ business users to map data from source files to  destination files without writing code. This enables the team’s business users to develop complex dataflows in hours instead of weeks. The project has been so successful that Vanderbilt is now deploying Centerprise in other areas to enhance existing processes.

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