Data Reporting and Analysis in Finance Industry

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Reporting and analysis are the bedrocks of companies operating in the finance sector. Timely access to metrics — return on equity, cash flow status, seasonality, etc. — is crucial to unlocking valuable insights for financial planning and forecasting.

That’s where Astera Centerprise can be extremely useful. Using our end-to-end data integration solution, you can build and automate data pipelines to manage data from different sources, including spreadsheets, company reports, databases, etc.

Our unified platform comes with a library of built-in transformations to facilitate seamless reporting and analysis. You can prepare data for BI tools to track financial performance and create predictive models.

Let’s look at a use case where Jane, an analyst at a bank, needs to prepare a report. She uses Astera Centerprise to identify the product with the highest complaints and complaint status:

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