Five Reasons Why Danish Loves Developing at Astera

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Danish Sikandar is a Computer Science graduate from FAST University. He was hired as a Software Engineer Trainee at Astera Software back in 2017. In his spare time, he is found painting, animating, singing, and watching anime.
Over the years, Danish has acquired new technical skills, including DevOps, and worked on various exciting development projects, including porting Salesforce to REST, upgrading product UI, and porting product’s server to .NET Core (enabling multiplatform support) from .NET Framework (windows only).

Danish has jotted down five reasons why he loves working at Astera and why other professionals would love it too!

1. Learning without Borders

I was hired as a fresh graduate with little technical knowledge of the data industry, but Astera’s learning culture has continuously pushed me to develop new skills and explore new avenues in the coding world. 3 years into the job, I still feel challenged to upgrade my skillset continually.

2. Positive, Vibrant, and Engaged Culture

Astera’s lively culture is undoubtedly one of the most important reasons behind my 3-year stay at the organization. Our monthly team building activities and office events not only make work fun but have also help me build great work-friendships. I look forward to going to work every day, knowing that I have friendly co-workers and a fun work environment – and that helps combat stress.

3. Freedom to Innovate

One of the best things about Astera is that no idea is considered a bad idea. We are always encouraged to speak our minds, and not only pitch new ideas but also lead them to fruition.

4. Exposure to New Technologies

Working at a progressive organization in a fast-growing industry means I get to experiment with the latest technologies in the data space. The need to pace myself with the in-demand tools and strategies doesn’t let work become monotonous or make me feel like my skills are turning rusty.

5. Flexible Work Environment

Astera gives me autonomy over my work, free of micro-management, which makes it easy for me to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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