Introducing the Astera Referral Program

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As a customer-centric organization, we constantly work to improvour products and processes with a strong focus oenabling you to meet your enterprise data needs. What keeps us striving to innovate is your trust in our data integration solutions. 

To extend our gratitude and commitment to customer service excellence, we have launched the Astera Referral ProgramNow you can avail great rewards for recommending us to other businesses that you think would benefit from our products.

Why Refer?

Our referral program is designed to put your and the community’s needs at the forefront. You have the option of choosing between two incentive plans:

As a socially conscious organization, we deeply care about our community. Each time we receive a referral from you, we will donate $200 to a charitable cause of your choice. We have partnered with different nonprofit organizations that are working towards solving multiple global challenges.

We understand that your data integration needs are evolving at an unprecedented rate. To help your organization cope with the changing needs, our referral program enables you to avail our product-related benefits, including free consultation hours, training hours, discount on license renewal and extension, and more.

How to Refer? 

The Astera Referral Program works in a simple, straightforward manner. In just three steps, you can reap the benefits of our referral program: 

  1. Identify a potential referral you think can benefit from our products.  
  2. Fill out the Referral Form to provide us with details about your referral and their interest in our solutions. 
  3. Sit back while we talk to your referral and deliver you the rewards of your choice.

Eligibility Criteria 

To be eligible for the Astera Referral Program, you must have been part of any business deal with Astera Software. On the other hand, your referral should not have been engaged with Astera Software in any capacity at any point in time. 

Please go through our terms and conditions to learn more about our referral program. 

Your referrals are the greatest compliment that you can give us, showing that we are making an impact to improve your business processes. Thank you for playing a vital role in Astera’s journey and motivating us to create data-driven products that help enterprises like yours grow.