We’ve just posted a new customer success story on our website detailing how the Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU) chose Centerprise to convert its legacy data system to the new Fiserv, Inc. core banking system.

Centerprise is the perfect data integration platform for nonprofits like Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU) that need to modernize and automate their data systems to be more efficient and free up their most valuable asset, human resources, for more important responsibilities.

Because RBFCU’s legacy system was account-centric and not member-centric, converting entity relationships from the old system to the new was very challenging and would take complex normalizations of the data, increasing the risk of an excessively cumbersome data migration project.

Most of the major players were considered by RBFCU, but the race was short-listed to IBM, Talend, SSIS, and Centerprise.  Out of these options, RBFCU found Centerprise to have the right combination of capability, performance, and intuitiveness.

RBFCU selected Centerprise because it met and exceeded all objectives.

RBFCU is currently working on its migration project and expects to convert to the new core-banking platform during the third quarter of 2014. With the experience gained through this project, RBFCU plans to continue using Centerprise for other data migration projects.

In the words of RBFCU information systems professionals, Dennis Jardenil and Robert Salge, “Astera has been a life-saver…it has saved us a ton of bucks.”

RBFCU’s and other customer success stories can be found here.

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