We’ve just published a new video that explains in 30 seconds how ReportMiner data extraction software automatically extracts unstructured data from human-readable reports so it can be used for operations and business intelligence. Check it out!

Who is Astera ReportMiner Data Extraction Software For?

  • Anyone looking to extract data in bulk from disparate sources. Such as pdf invoice data extraction, banking statements digitization, scanning and extracting data from scanned copies.
  • Organizations trying to automate their data extraction processes and save money and time. A data extraction software costs less than $50k per year. However, one data management specialist costs $50k or more per year and organizations need at least a three of them to manage data extraction and management work.
  • Organizations trying to create a data warehouse for business intelligence purpose. They would need to scan, structure, and load data to the data warehouse. ReportMiner comes with data connectors that can help you easily move the data to a number of data formats including XLSX, CSV, SQL and other relational database formats.


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