Saving Time and Ensuring Data Quality with ReportMiner Automatic Name and Address Parsing

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Many times people have a single address field from a data source that has all the address information in the one field. They need to parse out the individual sections of the address into separate fields so it can be loaded into a database and/or combined with information from different sources. Often there are thousands of records that need to be parsed and to do this manually is a time-consuming and error-prone task, putting your data quality and reliability at risk.

Astera’s ReportMiner data extraction software automatically parses name and address data with a few simple clicks, ensuring your data quality and saving you resource time and money.

ReportMiner breaks up the name and addresses data into separate components such as Name: prefix, first, middle, last, suffix and Address: street, suite, city, state, zip, country.

Once your Data Region has been created, you simply highlight the name area, right click and select “Add Name Field.” You do the same for addresses: Highlight the address area, right click and select “Add Address Field (US).” ReportMiner will automatically create your name and address fields by breaking them up into individual fields.

For more information on creating data regions and fields in ReportMiner, check out our blog Smart Data Extraction with ReportMiner: Automating Creation of Extraction Models.