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What’s New in Centerprise 7.5

By |2021-04-28T02:09:59+00:00October 29th, 2018|

New additions, enhanced performance, and improved usability – Centerprise 7.5 is better than ever!

Centerprise Data Integrator is an end-to-end ETL and data integration solution that empowers business users to perform complex data integration tasks without relying on IT. With the code-free, drag-and-drop IDE of Centerprise, we aim to flatten the learning curve for business users and make self-service data integration possible for them.

Here is everything that we’ve improved and added in Centerprise 7.5 to make it even better and a feature-rich data integration solution.

Improved server resiliency

We have greatly improved the server resiliency in Centerprise 7.5. This will ensure trouble-free server operations, better and quick recovery in the case of a database outage event, and overall improvement in the performance.

Here are some of the benefits that the users will get with this improvement:

  • Astera integration server will no longer go in a permanent state of error in case of a database outage event and will automatically recover as soon as the connection is restored.
  • Server connection will be automatically established when the connection to the repository database is available and no manual restarts will be required.
  • Activity and error tracking are greatly improved in the new release. The server writes database connection issues in the Windows event log and includes a link to the error file for easier troubleshooting.

New transformations added to the library

The transformation library in Centerprise Data Integrator is extensive and encompasses a wide range of data integration scenarios. However, we strive on making the ETL and data integration process easier for our users and thus we have included new transformations in Centerprise 7.5. These new additions are:

Switch transformation

Switch data representation to get accurate business insights

There are more than one ways of representing the same information. It is important to have the information presented in the correct representation to drive accurate business insights. Switch transformation is used to replace the data in the source file with any other representation that is more relevant to the present business case.

Learn more about how Switch transformation works in Centerprise and how it can be applied in a business scenario.

Reconcile transformation

Reconcile information for self-service data analysis

Reconcile transformation helps in reconciling information in the source data. Application of the transformation can be seen in a wide range of business use cases where merely storing data is not sufficient and monitoring the changes in data over time is essential to drive critical business decisions.

Some of the benefits of the Reconcile transformation are:

  • Can be applied to flat or hierarchical source data.
  • The transformation can be applied to inner nodes as well when the source data is in a hierarchical format.
  • Business users can perform data analysis by comparing old and new values for specific fields in the source data.
  • Provides options to view data in multiple layouts so users can choose the layout which is most in line with business requirements.

Read more about how Reconcile transformation works in Centerprise here.

Merge transformation

Merge data from disparate sources for a consolidated and unified view

As the data collection avenues are increasing, it has become a common practice for businesses to integrate data from multiple disparate sources. In some cases, the same data is contained in different sources and businesses face the need to merge the fragmented data for a consolidated view. Merge transformation in Centerprise helps in achieving this task.

What’s Next?

We have a number of new features lined up for the upcoming releases and we are excited to share the updates with you. Subscribe to our blog or join our community of data professionals to stay informed. To see Centerprise in action, schedule a discovery call with us today!