Why Choose Astera Centerprise Over Industry Leaders?

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Why Choose Astera?

With Centerprise, complex doesn’t have to be complicated. Developed from the ground up for ease of use by business professionals, Centerprise delivers all the performance and features needed for complex, enterprise-level data integration and management within a single platform that is user-friendly and affordable.

‘Single Platform for Enterprise-Level Data Integration’

As data has grown exponentially in volume and complexity, companies are not shying away from evaluating and ultimately purchasing products from smaller players such as Astera when those products meet their needs more fully and more economically than those of the industry leaders.

‘Best Data Integration Tools Still on the Horizon’

The Magic Quadrant 2019 Report on Data Integration & ETL Tools concludes that the best data integration tools are still on the horizon. Co-author Gartner analyst Ted Friedman says that he is seeing a big shift in the market centering on the fact that many organizations are giving serious consideration to smaller data integration tool vendors and are less likely to go with the big vendors by default.

“I feel in a way like the space is quite dynamic right now: new vendors coming in, a desire for different thinking and different approaches, and a willingness on the part of buyers to maybe take a bit of a risk in adopting some of these newer offerings and approaches.”

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