Major Energy Corporation Chooses Centerprise to Integrate Data in Acquisition System

With Centerprise, we were able to save a lot of time and resources.
Ning Luzviminda, Acquisitions Dept.




This energy corporation provides natural gas and related energy products. It owns a large percentage of North America’s interstate natural gas pipeline and frequently deals with other energy vendors when purchasing additional assets.


Integration of data from independent vendors into main acquisition system


The company was integrating data from other energy vendors that was formatted according to each vendor’s own system. Each vendor’s data, which usually came in a spreadsheet, had to be manually copied into the company’s spreadsheet and then macros were run in order to produce an output file sufficient for the company’s current acquisition system. This was a laborious process that was consuming valuable time and resources.

Business Needs

The company’s IT staff wanted to build a process that would import vendor data directly into the acquisition system. The solution had to be able to handle each vendor’s file format, as well as translate some of the vendor specific-terms. The new system would have to be flexible and scalable, because new vendors and their proprietary formats are added all the time.


Centerprise Data Integrator

Key Facts

  • Import disparate vendor data into the company’s system without manual copying
  • Handle multiple formats and translate specific terms
  • Flexibility, scalability, and ease of use was required

Astera Solution and Results

After evaluating available products on the market, the energy company chose Centerprise because it provided an easy-to-use interface that enabled users to quickly map the vendor fields to the company’s own fields. The company was also able to take advantage of Centerprise’s static lookup functionality to translate vendor-specific codes.

Now, any time data needs to be integrated from an existing vendor (or a vendor who uses a familiar system), users simply launch Centerprise and open up the transfer setting corresponding to that specific vendor file format. For new vendors, a new transfer setting can be created in a matter of minutes and saved for reuse.

Why Astera

Astera’s Centerprise Data Integrator provided all the flexibility, scalability, and functionality required for the energy company’s complex application, while at the same time offering the ease of use to quickly and easily map vendor data to the main system. Centerprise enabled this energy company to meet its data integration goals of cutting time and resource demands.

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