Metro Housing Authority Chooses Centerprise to Migrate Production Data Into Specialized Reporting Database

“It does what your website and salesman conveyed it would do. I’m always happy when I get what I pay for.”
Donald Butler, IT Manager


Government, public sector


This metro housing authority maintains a central data system that typically has an average of 300 users at any given time accessing the database for both production and reporting demands.


Integration of supplier data into main system


Donald Butler, IT manager, is responsible for the organization’s central data system. Due to the high number of users accessing the database, Butler began receiving reports of poor performance from all directions. The main culprit, he found, was the fact that the same database was being used for applications as well as reporting data.

Business Needs

Butler decided that the best way to solve his problem was to split the database into two: one for applications and one for reporting. For this to work, the reporting database would have to mirror a subset of the tables used in the applications database from time to time.


Centerprise Data Integrator

Key Facts

  • Split central data system into applications and reporting to increase performance
  • Mirror a subset of the tables used in the applications database for use in reporting
  • Centerprise met the organization’s needs perfectly
  • Centerprise ease of use enabled the organization to use the software for other applications as well

Astera Solution and Results

Since the metro housing authority system uses SQL Server 2005 database servers, Butler first tried SSIS. He found the tool too complicated to use. He then turned to Centerprise.

For Butler, Centerprise was exactly what he needed. Mirroring the correct tables was a snap and in no time he found that Centerprise’s ability to insert new records or update existing records was pivotal.

And because Centerprise was so easy to use, Butler has begun leveraging it for other applications besides the original purpose. Centerprise has quickly became an everyday utility and is automating more and more of his data management tasks.

Why Astera

The metro housing authority chose Centerprise because it was a cost-effective option that provided all the functionality needed, as well as a user-friendly interface that enabled the IT manager to quickly and easily split his database into applications and reporting, as well as take on other data management tasks.

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