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Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU) is a major bank and financial services enterprise operating in 55 locations across Texas, USA. With its strong commitment to customer service, RBFCU has expanded its banking solutions portfolio to cater to its fast-growing customer base. Overtime, RBFCU has shifted its banking and financial solutions data to become more customer-focused, whilst ensuring compliance of regulatory and industry best practices. 

Use Case

RBFCU had previously implemented an internally developed core banking system to store and maintain member account information. As their membership and product offerings expanded, RBFCU was handling hundreds of tables storing hundreds of gigabytes of data. Because of the legacy design of the system, RBFCU could not develop modern, member-centric applications, and fitting new products and services into the system was time consuming.  

Additionally, RBFCU’s team was tasked with completing many regulatory changes to keep the core system compliant, which further hindered them from focusing on developing productive software applications. Ultimately, a decision was made to convert to a third-party core banking platform; however, credit union leadership soon realized that converting to the new platform would be a daunting task. Because RBFCU’s legacy system was account-centric and not member-centric, converting entity relationships from the old system would take complex normalizations of the data, increasing the risk of an excessively cumbersome migration project. 

Enter Astera Centerprise

RBFCU selected Centerprise because it met and exceeded all objectives  

Astera Centerprise is a high-performance, scalable data management platform that allows businesses to meet today’s advanced business needs. Powered by an enterprise-grade parallel-processing engine, Centerprise offered RBFCU data extraction, transformation, integration, and data warehousing all through a single platform.  


Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU) is one of the top credit unions in the country with over 400,000 members and assets exceeding $5 billion.  


Financial Services   


Astera Centerprise  

Use Case 

RBFCU used Centerprise to take their data migration from legacy system to new core banking system  


With Centerprise, RBFCU accelerated project completion time by more than 80 percent and simplified SQL development time significantly.  

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The team discovered the interface to be straight-forward as developers were able to drop and come back to the tool without having to relearn it. And, with the Centerprise SQL Source and Lookup components, they were able to leverage and translate their SQL skills right away.  

Additionally, the Name Parser component was an unexpected bonus, which saved them additional development time. What would have taken at least a week with an in-house solution was now getting done in half a day, accelerating the process by 80 percent at a fraction of the cost.  

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